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Citizens of Academia

We are a social movement established by academics and researchers working in a variety of disciplines at various universities and research centres. Our founding was inspired and motivated by the Citizens of Culture movement. Our goal is to initiate a broad debate on the future of Academia in Poland, a discussion free from the influence of ideology, partisan politics and media sensation. We see a need for reform and are ready for this. This reform, however, would be meaningless without first engaging in a substantive debate on the social role of academia and adopting a new approach towards the educational system in our rapidly changing world. The academic community as a whole and everyone for whom Poland’s technological, cultural and social advancement is important should be granted a voice in the discussion.

The Citizens of Academia movement aims to create a forum for dialogue among members of Poland’s academic community in order to develop a common stance on key issues regarding the future of academia. In our opinion, an informal and non-political social movement offers the best opportunity for a participatory, broad-based analysis of the current situation and for outlining a course for future changes. We believe that the Citizens of Academia movement can provide an effective means for dealing with the needs of the Polish academic community, which faces numerous problems and has been unable to clearly communicate its needs to the public. We want to be its voice.

If you care about improving the standing of academia in Poland, you cannot remain passive. Join the Citizens of Academia movement. Academia in Poland is our common cause! Only by acting together can we change things for the better!

Show your support for CA and join us in our work! Add your name to the list of Citizens of Academia by signing our Manifesto.

CA initiating group:
Piotr Bentkowski (UW, UEA), Marcin Grynberg (IBB PAN), Ewa Klekot (UW), Anna Muszewska (CeNT UW), Łukasz Niesiołowski-Spano (UW), Grzegorz Pac (UAM), Aneta Pieniądz (UW), Bartosz Sokoliński (TO.BE Group sp. z o.o.), Rafał Szymczak (Profile Sp. z o.o.)

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