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Poland’s academia has enormous potential. Let’s free this potential and let the norm become:


  • modern schools that prepare our children for life in today’s world, teach them independent thinking, and instil them with a desire to learn about the world;
  • an academic education that allows students to obtain needed professional and social skills by developing their intellect and stimulating critical thinking;
  • an innovative economy, promoting growth in Poland’s business sector and creating new jobs;
  • research achievements recognized worldwide;
  • a widespread and clear understanding of academia among the public.

A long-term programme for the future advancement of academia is essential, including a rise in funding for higher education and research to no less than 2% of GDP in the near term.

We need a Pact for Academia – a social contract that will provide the basis for a long-term policy toward academia.

Support academia! Sign the manifesto! Join the Citizens of Academia!

Academia is a common good. Our future depends on its advancement.

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