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CA in short

How did we originate?

  • The Citizens of Academia movement originated to draw attention to the importance of academia for society and the country.
  • It originated because academia is presently being neglected, and its potential remains untapped.
  • The Citizens of Academia movement originated in response to the need to change this situation.

Who are we?

  • CA is a movement of people who believe that higher education and research are of critical importance.
  • The CA movement originated among members of the academic community representing various disciplines, who are joined by their conviction of the need for change in academia and related areas.
  • The CA movement is open to all citizens who share the view that higher education and research is important. We ask for your support, which you can express by signing the petition on this page.
  • The movement is based on the voluntary efforts of academics and those who support academia.

What do we want to achieve?

  • We want to bring about the drafting and signing of a Pact for Academia, which will set out guidelines for the government’s policy toward academia in future years
  • We want a  dialogue with the public officials aimed at defining the direction of the government’s policy for academia and higher education
  • We want a Pact for Academia, whose realisation will include social oversight.

Why a Pact?

  • We believe that academia is too important to be left solely to the politicians
  • Academia needs a social contract that includes the academic community, citizens, and the government.
  • We want the direction of these changes to be significantly guided by academics, and all those for whom higher education and research are valuable.

What should the Pact include?

  • We want the Pact to include not only changes in academia itself (concerning issues such as: the transparency of procedures, the financing of higher education and research, the definition of good practices).
  • We want the Pact to outline also how society can benefit from academia: in education, innovation and the familiarising the public about academia.
    • Education – placing an increased emphasis on scientific understanding at all levels of the educational process as opposed to the mere memorization of facts.
    • Innovation – bringing academia and the business community closer together.
    • Popularization – making co-participation in academic life a part of citizen’s daily life.

How do we envision work on the Pact?

  • In accordance with academic and scientific standards.
  • We initiate a discussion on key questions concerning academia, which lead to proposals for concrete solutions.
  • Discussion will be carried on primarily on our website.
  • Discussion will be organised in topic areas proposed by the founders, but we are open to all substantive proposals from all interested parties.
  • Anyone can take part in this discussion provided that their opinions are not expressed anonymously.

How can you support us?

  • You can support us by signing the petition on this page.
  • You can take part in discussions on this page.
  • You can offer to volunteer your time.
  • You can encourage others to sign the petition.

We all need a Pact for Academia!  A healthy academia is important!

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